Sunday, January 27, 2008

My native city - invitation for a project

Thank you everybody for welcoming and words of support. It makes me feel enthusiastic and even responsible. I'll go on trying.
Here I've found out how to add pictures.
Look, the first is a winter evening on the river Oka under ice. NizhnyNovgorod ( means 'new city lower than older city of Novgorod') is situated on the confluence of two large rivers the Oka and the Volga.
The second is a part of old center with the Kremlin ( a fortress with towers) (dates back to the XV century) and old churches. The city was founded in 1221.
I love living here, it's much quieter than in the capital, though moscovites call us provincials.
Well, we might design an international blogging project about native places. I teach at the civil engineering university and my students are 16-19 year-olds, some are from different parts of Russia. Would you like to join?


dvmunca said...

Privet, Yulia! Ya iz Moldavii i u menya roommate iz Niznevo Novgoroda, tak chto u nas mnogo obschevo:)
Great city, I would really love to go there one day!

Yulia said...

Privet,Daniela! Nice to meet you. We really have got something in common.I had a groupmate at the university from Moldova. And how did your roommate come to where she is now,did she graduate from NNovgorod linguistic university?

Angela said...


Wonderful pictures! Your country is definitely one I would visit if I had more money. Maybe you could post some more pictures later on.


Annie said...

Yulia - there is a school near me that is doing a special emphasis on Russia this year as part of their international study. I sent the address of this post to a contact person, so perhaps the students there would be interested in this project.